1. The WordPress Website Design Brief

The first step is to understand your websites needs and requirements.  For this step, we use our Website Questionnaire Form.  (For example ‘Could you give us a summary about your website project? and What are the 3 most important goals for your business website?)  The form gives the you the opportunity to go into full detail with what you want and need from the final outcome.  We can then provide a no obligation quote.

2. Research Stage

Once the quote has been approved, we begin work on the project.  We’ll also research WordPress themes which can be used for the website build.

3. Website Wireframe and Mockup

A website wireframe provides a visual guide of the overall skeleton of the new website.  This stage focuses on website navigation and the user interface design.  Once we have completed the website wireframe, we create a mockup of the website.  This stage allows us to gain feedback and ensure we are on the right track.  We make any necessary changes based on your feedback and once finalised, we can proceed to the development stage.

5. Development Site

We create a development website which gives you a visual representation of your new website.  We provide you with access to the development website so that you can check the progress of the website build.  Any changes you would like to make can be done at this stage.  With your feedback we can make the necessary adjustments.

7. Revise and Test

The adjustments made to the website based on your feedback are normally minor. We test the website for functionality, navigation, performance, and mobile responsiveness before we officially launch the website.

8. Launch – Go Live

Once we have your approval, we officially launch your new website and regularly monitor the website for performance and functionality.

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